Arcadegeddon Game-Review

Almost a year ago, early access to Arcadegeddon, a new project from the IllFonic studio, primarily known for Friday The 13th: The Game, opened. Now the final version has been released, which is also available to PlayStation Plus subscribers. To me, the early version seemed like a curious action game that successfully combined the mechanics standard for such games, and therefore it was interesting how the developers plan to develop the project. It turned out that it didn’t.

Victims of capitalism

Like a year ago, we are transported to the slot machine hall, which wants to get its hands on the evil mega-corporation. There is no place left in the Arcadegeddon universe for normal arcade video games – the industry is overflowing with cheap crafts that people somehow like and bring in a lot of money. The owner of the hall is not ready to put up with this state of affairs and decides to create his latest, best game, which can lure a large part of the audience. However, corporations do not like such actions. She launches a virus into the system that can destroy the game, and our task is to get rid of it.

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Fight the misfortune to be spending time in the game. Ta is a fast-paced, third-person roguelike action game in which you have to run from one end of the corridor map to the other, completing simple tasks. Standing on points, fighting off a wave of opponents, shooting cubes that appear in different places – there are not so many situations, and all of them were already in the early version.

This is the problem with Arcadegeddon – it’s hard to understand how the release version differs from what was available a year ago. There seem to be more cards, but there are still a few of them – the locations quickly begin to repeat themselves. And there is no difference between them – everywhere there is a series of corridors and large rooms or squares. Some areas can boast of verticality, in some you meet opponents face to face more often, but almost nothing changes in the gameplay. The declared procedural generation does not save either – you don’t even notice it.

They come across randomly, which is why balance problems are especially annoying – if the battle with one boss takes place in a hall with many columns and other shelters, then you meet with another in an open arena, where there is almost nowhere to hide. And sometimes they turn on the second phase, which does not differ significantly from the first – just a bar of their health is restored entirely.

Running and shooting

At the same time, the gameplay basis of Arcadegeddon is good – that I liked it a year ago, and that now. The character runs fast and can ride on the fifth point, like the hero Vanquish, who uses magic tricks that are restored when enemies are eliminated. Since it takes place inside an arcade game, there were no multipliers, numbers flying out of opponents, high score tables, and other similar elements.

There are several dozen types of weapons. We start with a simple pistol, which has an infinite number of cartridges, but it overheats quickly. And while searching the chests and breaking the boxes, you find a lot of other guns: both freezing, setting the fire, and shooting with something like circular saws or grenades. There are submachine guns, machine guns, sniper rifles, and even swords. You are allowed to carry three guns with you, so you can equip weapons for all occasions – both for close combat and for long-range firefights.

What, then, is unique about the races, if you take weapons with you, and the cards do not differ much from each other? Here hacks should come to the rescue – passive bonuses that you collect as you progress through missions. However, even if on paper these bonuses seem significant (+25% damage! accelerated shield regeneration! increased movement speed!), in reality, they do not change the gameplay. It doesn’t feel like you’re destroying opponents faster or spending less time completing tasks.

The second element is character customization. Although you see the hero from the back and do not control him in the first person, the ability to change costumes should kind of encourage you to get new looks. However, I don’t want to complete missions for the sake of new items or look into the store. Everything is gray and boring, there is nothing that I would like to unlock as soon as possible. It’s funny to see a microtransaction store here – it’s hard to imagine that real money is paid for all this.

When Arcadegeddon was in early access, and the developers promised to actively support the game with updates, the attitude towards it was favorable – this can be seen from my preview of a year ago. Now it turned out that there was no normal support which is not expected. Here, even the small print was not corrected – that then it was impossible to read the characteristics of weapons on a 4K TV, which is now.

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