Appeared gameplay vampire fighting game Umbral Core

Appeared gameplay vampire fighting game Umbral Core

The gameplay of the 2.5D dark fantasy fighting game Umbral Core has appeared on the network. The video turned out to be not very informative – the developers showed a small fragment of the battle of one of the characters with their copy.

At launch, the game will feature at least six different characters with unique abilities. Among the features, the authors highlight smooth animation, beautiful style and a deep and complex combat system that should appeal to both beginners and professional fighting game players.

The development of the game started in the summer of 2020. Then only 2 people worked on the project, and now the team consists of 12 specialists. In November, the authors are going to launch a Kickstarter fundraising campaign.


Appeared gameplay vampire fighting game Umbral Core
Umbral Core doesn’t have a release date or platform list yet.

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