Another Marvel hero would be ready to make his video game debut

Another Marvel hero would be ready to make his video game debut

Marvel does not seem to want to stop even in the world of video games, with several projects under his belt that would now be adding another one of a certain weight.

Despite the title inspired by the vicissitudes of the most powerful heroes on Earth (which you can also find on Amazon ) it was certainly a good idea , the game dedicated to the Avengers unfortunately did not have the hoped-for success.

And if Marvel’s Avengers was a disaster by Square-Enix’s own admission , the future could be pretty rosy.

Already the news that Electronic Arts was working on a title of the House of Ideas has sent fans in ecstasy, although now it is the turn of a new rumor that will delight Wakanda fans .

As reported by PSU , it seems that a game dedicated entirely to the Black Panther character is in the works .

Jeff Grubb has in fact fueled the hope that a video game dedicated to T’Challa is in development, making it known after the debut of the trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Grubb did not mention anything concrete in the Twitter post below, but that the topic will be discussed during the next GameMessMorning (so, ears pointed).

Wakanda Forever trailer is great. Let’s talk about the Black Panther game live tomorrow on #GameMessMornings at 11 a.m. Eastern

— Jeff Grubb, No. 3 games journalist (@JeffGrubb) July 24, 2022

It is therefore not clear at the moment if and when a game dedicated to Black Panther will see the light, although the rumors of Grubb have almost always proved reliable.

In the Marvel videogame world we remember that there are not only the Avengers, also because Guardians of the Galaxy has even managed to do worse than the title dedicated to Captain America and associates.

Luckily, fans of Neighborhood Friendly Spider-Man at least can sleep peacefully, as Insomniac seems to want to do things right for its highly anticipated sequel .

Finally, fans are also keeping an eye on Marvel Snap , another decidedly atypical game dedicated to the most famous superheroes of all time .

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