An intriguing narrative game to watch for officially arrives in August

An intriguing narrative game to watch for officially arrives in August

Summer is a great time to debut small video games that would otherwise risk being overshadowed by other more showcase names, in busy periods like the first quarter or autumn. Last year, for example, the excellent The Forgotten City (found on Instant Gaming ) made itself known during the summer – and this year it could follow the same trail South of the Circle .

Already available as an Apple Arcade exclusive ( like Fantasian , still today), the game is an adventure with a strong narrative imprint , which is to be distinguished both for writing and for an art direction for illustrations that hits the mark.

Set during the Cold War, the game allows you to explore the story of Peter, who found himself in Antarctica following a crash landing. In his new reality, the Cambridge scholar will also see the relationship with his colleague Clara at the center of the story – but above all he will see his fate of him being influenced by the player’s decisions , which will shape the story.

“You will take on the role of Peter, a Cambridge scholar who finds himself in Antarctica during the cold war after a crash landing. While he goes in search of help we will also discover his past, which will reveal how the pressures and aspirations have led him into this tragic situation from which he must escape ” tell the developers of the award-winning State of Play team (BAFTA winner), describing their gaming experience.

” The fulcrum of the story is the weight of the choices : between career, love and the desire to keep the promises made”.

There are certainly some interesting premises for those who love engaging narratives within video games; moreover, when the game was released on Apple Arcade it was met with pretty positive reviews, so it’s worth keeping your headlights focused to verify that it holds the same quality even on its new release.


The absolute debut on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch is expected for next August 3rd .

Speaking of challenging story games, if you haven’t already, you might want to check out If You Love Me, Don’t Die (also marketed as Bury me, my love ). And, to stick with recent releases that don’t need to use a single word to leave you something, you might want to play the fox mom in Endling: Extinction is forever – but it’ll take a big heart.

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