Amazon: 10 unmissable gaming products for less than 5 euros!

Amazon: 10 unmissable gaming products for less than 5 euros!

We know that the well-known e-commerce portal Amazon has a truly boundless catalog, in which we can find both very expensive and very cheap products. After offering you our selection of the best gaming products for less than one euro , today we have decided to collect for you the best gaming items that you can buy for less than five euro .

Despite the very low price, many of them can easily enter the paraphernalia of a real gamer, such as a mouse or earphones, allowing you to save a lot of euros. In this article we point out what, in our humble opinion, are the ten unmissable gaming products with a price of less than five euros on Amazon.

We remind you, however, that prices do not include any shipping costs and that some are not compatible with Amazon Prime fast shipping . Before wishing you good shopping, we finally remind you that every day we report the best offers on the net, which you can find in our dedicated area of ​​the site .

Universal headphone holder

Universal headphone holder
Very often you find yourself playing with your gaming headphones, especially at night, but you don’t know where to place them after use? LoveOlvido universal headphone holder allows you to solve the problem, thanks to a practical hook that you can place wherever you want to store your headset.

» Buy universal headphone holder for € 0.01
(Shipping costs: € 1.99)

Universal mouse pad

22 x 18 cm universal mouse pad
If you need a new mouse pad and are on a tight budget, this is the article for you! This mat is made of high quality rubber, it is resistant and non-toxic, while its flat surface guarantees a perfect glide to the mouse. The dimensions are 22 x 18 cm and offers precise positioning with friction resistance.

» Buy universal mouse pad for € 0.01
(Shipping costs: € 2.99)

Triggers for smartphones

Smartphone Triggers
If you play on your smartphone you will have repeatedly found yourself in a position to complain about the lack of physical buttons to improve the grip and the gaming experience. Ba30ITllylelly smartphone triggers, made of high quality ABS material, offer high strength, so you can solve the problem and enjoy the game for a long time. They are compatible with both Android and iOS terminals and are particularly suitable for first-person shooters or survival in general.

» Buy smartphone triggers for € 0.01
(Shipping costs: € 4)

Wireless optical gaming mouse

WH109 2.4GHz Portable Wireless Optical Mouse with USB Receiver
If you prefer the convenience of a wireless optical mouse, this is the product for you! Thanks to the supplied USB wireless transmitter you will have a range of 8 meters, while the ergonomic design of the mouse allows you to reduce muscle fatigue.

» Buy wireless optical mouse for € 0.01
(Shipping costs: € 5.99)

Manhattan headphones

Manhattan headphones
If you need budget gaming headphones with 3.5mm audio jack connection, this Manhattan product is for you! The headphones are made of high quality materials and feature soft and comfortable ear pads. The long cable allows easy access to computers, notebooks and other devices.

» Buy Manhattan headphones for € 4.95
(Shipping costs: € 5.06)

Silicone analog stick covers

Silicone analog stick covers
Surely after months, if not years, of use, the rubber cover of the analog sticks of the controllers is affected by the passage of time, wearing out if not even tearing. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to fix this without having to buy a new controller. The Greatangle Analog Levelette Covers are made of soft silicone, to ensure both a good seal and comfort and will allow you to get back to playing great with your joypad.

» Buy silicone analog stick covers for € 0.64
(Shipping costs: € 1.99)

Trust microphone

Trust microphone
If you are planning to start streaming on Twitch or other similar platforms, you will definitely need a microphone. In case your budget is rather tight, we definitely recommend this Trust microphone, equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack and a 1.8 meter cable that allows it to be connected almost anywhere.

» Buy Trust Microphone for € 4.99
(Free Shipping with Amazon Prime)


StarTech thermally conductive paste
StarTech Thermally Conductive Paste
Any PC gamer who is a bit “geek” knows that, in order to always keep the efficiency of the heat dissipation system of his PC optimal, it is necessary to change the thermal paste after a certain period, since it tends to dry out and decrease performance. StarTech heat-conducting paste is a metal-based compound, containing metal oxide, and with this 1.5g tube, you can perform 4 to 6 applications. Absolutely indispensable for any self-respecting PC gamer.

» Buy StarTech Thermal Paste for € 4.99
(Free Shipping with Amazon Prime)

Nilox compressed air spray can
Nilox compressed air spray can
After the StarTech thermally conductive paste, we offer you another essential accessory for the maintenance of your PC, namely the Nilox compressed air spray can. Thanks to it, you can quickly remove debris and dust from any surface, allowing you to clean keyboards and the inside of cases, notebooks, and digital devices without any effort.

» Buy compressed air spray can for € 3.99
(Free shipping with Amazon Prime)


Gaming mat

Gaming matAs a latest product, we present an accessory that can beautify your gaming room. In fact, we recommend this non-slip mat, measuring 50 x 80 cm, with a beautiful illustration showing the PS4 controller. The rug is soft and made of polyester flannel, which is also excellent for its wear resistance.

» Buy gaming mat for € 2.99
(Shipping costs: € 18.99)

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