Alternative Joy-Con | The best of 2022

Alternative Joy-Con The best of 2022

You have purchased a new Nintendo Switch and are enjoying the many exclusive games of the Japanese house, from Super Mario to The Legend of Zelda , but maybe you want to play multiplayer with your friends like the latest Super Mario Party or the recent Mario Strikers : This is where SpazioGames intervenes , offering you a variety of the best alternative Joy-Con to buy at great prices and each with a unique feature set to choose from.

For the occasion, we have reviewed the best Joy-Con alternatives to the month of July 2021 in such a way as to offer you solutions that do not have elite prices and which still allow you to enjoy the full power of your Nintendo console. After having seen the best gaming controllers and the best PC controllers , here is the turn of the most particular console peripherals in circulation, those made by the Great N.

Our selection was mainly focused on Amazon , the ideal store for its fast shipping and for its return policies in case the solution you opt for does not fully convince you; since these are alternative products, being therefore also quite different from the original Nintendo, you may want to test them to understand how you are there and if they fit your needs, and this is how the purchase on such a reliable store can give you a hand.

Best alternative Joy-Con
Hori Joy-Con D-Pad
Hori Split Pad Pro
Ergonomic Joy-Con Switches
Nokoos Joy-Con
Joy-Con pro controller set
Hori Joy-Con D-Pad
For lovers of the Nintendo series
Alternative joy-con
Hori Joy-Con D-Pad is an officially licensed Nintendo product, branded with one of the most beloved series ever: Super Mario. In this package you will find the alternative left Joy-Con with D-Pad functionality, ideal for all games in which it is preferable to use the directional cross instead of the classic analog lever: we are therefore talking about 2D platformers, puzzles, action and fighting games. . This Joy-Con does not include vibration, wireless connectivity, accelerometer and gyroscope, so it is a minimal version of the official controller but at a great price and with an unmistakable style regardless of the color of the other controller connected to the Switch .

Hori Split Pad Pro

Best choice for ergonomics
Alternative Joy-Con
Hori Split Pad Pro is the most performing and ergonomic solution, officially licensed by Nintendo. Thanks to this solution, which compared to the official Joy-Con has an elongated and rounded grip for greater comfort of the experience, you can experience the sensations of a Pro controller in portable mode. Just like the official Joy-Con, this controller can be “split in two” even if it is not designed to work independently, with the addition of extra remappable rear triggers. Additionally, Hori has added a Turbo mode for maximum precision during the most intense gaming sessions; Rumble HD, motion sensors, NFC, and infrared are missing, but this is a dock friendly solution that fits neatly into the Switch base.


Ergonomic Joy-Con Switches


For a slightly more comfortable grip
joy-con inexpensive alternative switches
If you are not completely comfortable with the grip of the traditional Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, you can take a look at this cheap alternative proposal . It is a pair of Joy-Con with all the buttons and sensors of the case, equipped with d-pad and NFC for use with amiibo. The two Joy-Con have a handle designed to accommodate your hands, compared to the smooth back of the standard ones, and are made of scratch-resistant and non-slip material – for a long life and a firm grip. In addition, they are equipped with six-axis vibration and work in a plug and play mode: once connected to your console, you are ready to play.

Nokoos Joy-Con Switch


Convenient and economical
nokoos joy-con
Very similar to the standard ones, the Joy-Con Nokoos allow you to maintain the same confidence that you already have with the Nintendo controllers, which, however, are accompanied by a very affordable price and an ergonomic handle much more comfortable than that normally provided for the Joy- With. Compatible with all Nintendo Switch models, these Joy-Con can completely replace the original ones: you can use them individually, you can connect them to the side of the console or make them a complete controller with the Joy-Con grip supplied with your Switch. They come with a 300mAh battery each and come with a Type C holder and cable.


Joy-Con pro controller set

For those looking for a complete solution
joy-con pro controller set
Those looking for a solution that doesn’t miss a thing, but without spending a lot, can take a look at the Joy-Con pro controller set . In this case, in fact, you bring home a pair of Joy-Con with all buttons the same as those of the standard controllers – in addition to the identical dimensions and connection settings, for instant plug and play use. In addition, there is also the button for turbo mode and comes with its own Joy-Con grip: if you want to use the two controllers by combining them with the grip, you have a special one different from the official one, in the center of which you can also store the cartridges of your favorite games.

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