After Spider-Man, two more PS5 exclusives arrive on PC – there’s a clue

After Spider-Man, two more PS5 exclusives arrive on PC – there’s a clue

Marvel’s Spider-Man is the next PS4 and PS5 exclusive to arrive on PC, along with the sequel dedicated to Miles Morales .

The video game dedicated to Wall Climbing was, for a very long time, the herald of PlayStation 4 ( in this version ) and then of PlayStation 5 with its remastered version.

Precisely that Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered which, during the State of Play yesterday, was announced in the PC version .

Another title of a path that PlayStation is undertaking with great strength , because the PC world will have more and more titles also published on Sony home consoles.

After Spider-Man that’s not all, apparently, because new confirmations have arrived of two other PlayStation exclusives that will arrive on PC.

Following, however, many rumors of the last few weeks, it seems that Returnal and Sackboy: A Great Adventure will be the next titles to arrive on Steam and associates.

As reported by VG247 , very important new clues have arrived regarding the arrival of these two titles on PC. Screenshots that, without half measures, show the interfaces of the two games related to PC settings.

In this Reddit post, the original screenshots have been disclosed , of which we present a brief selection below:

As you can see these are very authentic images and, even in the absence of confirmation from Sony , these are screenshots that it is difficult to imagine could be bogus.

Both Returnal and Sackboy were present in the big GeForce Now leak some time ago in which, among other things, there was also the PC version of God of War , then announced some time later.

Relating to Returnal , this is a new confirmation after another clue that went around the web a few days ago .

Speaking of PS5 exclusives , the next one to arrive seems to be extreme: that’s why Forspoken will be a game for adults.

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