A Stranger Things actress has landed on Twitch, and she’s super competitive

A Stranger Things actress has landed on Twitch, and she’s super competitive

Video games are now a well-known and much-loved medium, even by famous people, including a Stranger Things actress who plays Valorant.

The Riot Games shooter , whose virtual credits you can find on Amazon , is a curiously very complex game to approach, despite being free-to-play .

But it is a title that is increasingly played and loved, so it is not so strange that there are even “illustrious” players who are captured by the charm of Valorant , despite the slips .

Stranger Things has arrived in its final season on Netflix and, speaking of video games, there are a number of titles that you should catch up with if you are a fan of the show.

As Twinfinite reports , there is a Stranger Things actress who is so passionate about Valorant that she inserts it into her after-work routine, even playing it in streaming .

This is Grave Van Dien , who plays Chrissy Cunningham on the show. A character who, without making too many spoilers, doesn’t exactly have a happy ending to Hawkins.

The actress, who is called BlueFille on Twitch , is an avid gamer of Valorant, Fortnite and Overwatch and other very popular games. And competitive, by the way.

Streaming is something it seems to have been doing for a while now, but the hype around Stranger Things’ latest season has obviously brought a whole new level of attention to his channel.

Valorant is one of Riot Games’ latest IPs , and one that the company would like to turn into a TV series sooner or later.


Many actors are fans of video games. Among the most famous is Brie Larson , who plays a lot between Animal Crossing and Marvel’s Avengers .

And speaking of Netflix, there will be tons of video game-inspired shows coming in the next few years. Among them is Horizon , for which fans are already casting for Aloy.

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