A PS5 exclusive would be coming to Steam Deck, really

A PS5 exclusive would be coming to Steam Deck, really


The PlayStation exclusives have also been aimed at the PC gaming market for some time, so much so that for several weeks there has been talk of the fact that Returnal can also arrive on PC.

The title of Housemarque released exclusively on PS5 (you can find it on Amazon ) has been very appreciated by critics and the public, which is why it is not surprising that the game can also arrive elsewhere.

In fact, rumors and rumors have been circulating for several months about the arrival of the roguelite acclaimed by thousands of players also on Steam.

After the latest confirmations received at the beginning of July , it is now the turn of further good news that would see the game also supported by Steam Deck .

As also reported by VG247 , in these hours another update has been published on the SteamDB page of the game, in which compatibility with the Steam Deck controller is added .

What does it mean? Probably that the game will actually arrive on PC and will be playable on Valve’s portable platform , which has been available for several weeks now.

The fact that features like this are being added right now, even before the PC version of the title is actually announced, suggests that there may be a rather short window between the game’s announcement and its actual release.

Of course, at the time of writing, Sony hasn’t released any official statement on the arrival of Returnal on PC, so our advice is to stick around , waiting for the usual confirmation (which apparently won’t be too long). to arrive).

Recently, screenshots of the command diagram on PC have also emerged which, although they may be clearly fake, however, seem very realistic .

PlayStation, however, is serious about the PC world, given that a few months ago it even created a special label for its titles to be released on personal computers.

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