A new Need for Speed ​​may be unveiled soon, there’s a clue

A new Need for Speed ​​may be unveiled soon, there’s a clue

Need for Speed ​​is one in every of those brands that has accompanied an honest a part of videogame history, but has not yet landed in a very next-gen version .

Indeed, it must be said that the newest iterations have not managed to overcome the general public in an exceedingly decisive way. It didn’t even take a movie (which you’ll be able to find on Amazon ) to revive the eagerness of the fans.

In recent months, numerous rumors have arrived regarding a brand new episode of the saga, but still no official confirmation.

Also because one in every of the necessity for Speed ​​that had been revealed as titles within the works was later confirmed to be only a mobile title .

But, as Wccftech reports, a far clearer confirmation seems to arrive that Electronic Arts is on the brink of announce a brand new Need for Speed .

The source is Tom Henderson , who has always been a awfully reliable insider, who reveals that in July Criterion will show the new episode of the driving game saga.

Together with the presentation, always alleged, of Skate 4 and FIFA 23 , Electronic Arts is planning the launch of Need For Speed: Unbound , this is often the name at least in code of the project in development.

Henderson also spoke of the very fact, already discussed within the past, that this new chapter might be very different from the previous ones, from an aesthetic point of view .

As also told by Jeff Grubb it slow ago , the new chapter could adopt a awfully particular style: photorealism combined with elements paying homage to those of anime or cartoons .

Character design has been compared to series just like the Boondocks , while cars will have exaggerated effects like flames, wind and smoke projected after a turbo or drift.

We just need to wait, then. Also because this Need for Speed ​​had already skipped 2021 , and now we hope that we will discover something new.

In the meantime, enjoy the work done by some users who, with Unreal Engine 5 , have made an episode of the saga something next-gen .

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