A new Death Stranding? Norman Reedus: “we have just started the second”

A new Death Stranding? Norman Reedus: “we have just started the second”

Released in 2019, Death Stranding has lived at the center of a curious contradiction: it is a video game that talks about coming together, and that has divided gamers as we have rarely seen happen. Hideo Kojima ‘s title , the first from independent Kojima Productions , mixed management and adventure dynamics, looking much more like Journey , with its selfless collaboration, than Metal Gear – as some seemed to expect.

The result was that of a truly unique work of its kind, whose characteristics we have told you about in our long and in-depth video review . As was easy to imagine, however, the audience split – and our review wasn’t titled “black or white” by accident. Many loved it, others hated it to unspeakable levels, including teasing memes , “bartolini simulator” and other various mockeries, mixed with other perplexities that came from those who had actually tested the game (which you can find on Amazon at a very low price , even if not Sam will give it to you).

Some time later, Kojima had confirmed that the game was still profitable , which is why many began to wonder if a possible new episode was on the way. New episode that seems to have just been confirmed by Norman Reedus , actor who plays the protagonist Sam Porter Bridges.

A new Death Stranding?
Interviewed by Leo , the actor also famous for The Walking Dead did not turn too much around things. When he was named the first Death Stranding , the artist said:

“We have just started the second.”

Difficult to interpret these words differently from a confirmation of work in progress on a new Death Stranding – which may not necessarily be a sequel but, indeed, may make more sense as a prequel.

Reedus has not provided any other details, apart from this reference, and as you can imagine the theories are already unleashed on what could change from the previous one and on where the new story will be placed in the timeline born with the progenitor.

The decision of a new Death Stranding is also quite curious, for the new Kojima Productions: Hideo Kojima for a long time wanted to break away from the Metal Gear series when he was in Konami, not to get stuck in having to make new sequels that obviously imposed limits. creative. The same, now, could happen with the Sam Porter Bridges universe.

The idyll with Hideo Kojima
Immediately after this statement, Reedus told the behind the scenes of his meeting with Kojima, for which Guillermo Del Toro acted as an intermediary. You will remember, in fact, that the three worked together in Silent Hills , before the project was wrecked following the divorce with Konami.

“Guillermo Del Toro called me and said ‘hey, there’s a guy named Hideo Kojima, he’ll call you. You say yes’. And I say ‘what do you mean I just have to say yes?’. And he replies to me ‘stop playing the cogl * one and say yes’. “

The story continues with the meeting between the two:

“I was in San Diego and Hideo came with a big group of people, he’s from Tokyo, and he showed me he was working on a game called Silent Hill . I was shocked and said ‘yes, let’s do it!’. He is not like Ms. Pacman, he is realistic, futuristic, complicated and wonderful, I was completely hooked ».

From there, we know that Silent Hill actually brought the three artists to collaborate in Death Stranding (which matches the characteristics cited by the actor, ed ), and Reedus confirms that it was very challenging to record all the motion capture sessions.

As told by the actor:

“It took me probably two or three years to finish all the motion capture sessions and all. It really takes a lot of work. Then the game came out, and it won a lot of prizes and it was really important, so we started the second part ».


Recently, Kojima Productions has also been at the center of rumors regarding possible work in progress on a new Silent Hill . At this point, it is difficult to understand what is really going on at Kojima’s studio, even with the possibility that different projects are underway, followed by different people.

The software house has also recently faced a move and, at this point, one wonders if it cannot be somehow linked to the projects in progress. We know that Kojima is keeping some PS5 devkits with him , which suggests work in progress on a title for the Sony home console, but everything else comes to us only from the statements of Reedus.

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