A Metal Gear saw an increase in the number of players (thanks to memes)

A Metal Gear saw an increase in the number of players (thanks to memes)

It’s rarer for a single player title, especially one that’s been out for nearly ten years, to see a huge boom in player numbers. However, this is what happened to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance .

Let’s talk about the action game and spin-off of the Metal Gear series (which you can find on Amazon in an excellent compilation) developed by PlatinumGames , the studio behind Bayonetta and Nier: Automata .

While the remaining chapters of the Metal Gear Solid saga aren’t doing too well , it seems that another game is doing much better .

As reported by Game Rant , Metal Gear Rising Revengeance received positive reviews at the time of its release, but apparently a surge in player numbers only happened nine years later .

Metal Gear Rising is in fact seeing a 1000% increase in players and a spike in activity across all platforms.

As is often the case with a game’s return to popularity in a completely random fashion, fans can attribute the sudden interest in Metal Gear Rising Revengeance to memes .

The boss fight between Raiden and Sam, to the parodies dedicated to the main villain of Revengeance – that is Senator Armstrong , on the net there is really an industrial amount of videos and memes focused on the game.

This prompted old fans to try the hack-and-slash in question once more, while new players got to discover one of the most beloved titles in the Metal Gear franchise.

The game is indeed enjoyable from start to finish and its protagonist Raiden is seen as a character who still has untapped potential for the future of the saga.

Saga that, net of popularity, still suffers from the problem related to the impossibility of buying other chapters of the series on the various stores .

At the very least, MGSV fans continue to enjoy and experiment with in-game missions, although the Fulton doesn’t allow you to ignore one of the game’s most annoying sessions .

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