A historic Nintendo IP may soon return to the Switch: there is a clue

A historic Nintendo IP may soon return to the Switch: there is a clue


After a long wait, Nintendo could finally be ready for the great return of Donkey Kong on the Switch , according to a new important clue leaked in these hours.

In fact, remember that the last chapter of the series is Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze ( which you can buy in quick delivery on Amazon ), initially released on Wii U but revived with some improvements on the successful hybrid console.

For some time there has been talk of the possibility of a return of this historic IP , which according to some insiders would be ready to play a central role again among the Nintendo franchises .

The Kyoto house, however, has not missed any announcements in recent months, leaving behind a new important clue: as reported by DK Vine (via Nintendo Life ) the Donkey Kong brand has been registered again , suggesting a possible return of the famous gorilla.

The peculiarity of this new trademark is that it was not simply a routine operation, but a real update with new information.

It is in fact reported that the registered trademark will also include ” downloadable programs for portable and electronic consoles “, thus suggesting the possible arrival of a new game on the Nintendo Switch.


Similarly, the fact that we are talking about ” downloadable ” games could also be linked to a future update of the Nintendo Switch Online catalog , in particular linked to the application for Nintendo 64.

Given that the Donkey Kong Country trilogy is already available for SNES emulation and that the namesake Donkey Kong is naturally included on the NES, the only chapter that would fit that description would indeed be Donkey Kong 64 , a major absentee of the game collection. free.

Consequently, the wording could be both linked to a possible arrival of the 64-bit chapter and in preparation for a possible return in style of the franchise: if further news should arrive , we will naturally keep you updated on our pages.

Recall that among the new talked about projects dedicated to the most beloved videogame gorilla there would also be a possible new animated film , which would be arriving immediately after the Super Mario Bros.

While waiting to find out if a new announcement is really planned, you can pass the wait with one of the most beloved free Mario spin-offs from today on Nintendo Switch Online .

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