A fan turned Final Fantasy VII into Final Fantasy X, because yes

A fan turned Final Fantasy VII into Final Fantasy X, because yes

Final Fantasy VII Remake had its fair share of mods, it must be said, where fans of the beloved JRPG enjoyed transforming Cloud Strife ‘s adventure .

The title, which debuted on PlayStation 4 , has brought back one of the most beloved chapters of the Final Fantasy saga , in an obviously wonderful version.

Although there is someone who wanted to do more, radically transforming the story thanks to mods, allowing players to play a different character .

Especially when the title arrived on PC, Final Fantasy VII Remake found itself having an impressive mod sequel .

Although Final Fantasy VII Remake has naturally taken a back seat to subsequent releases, the modder community has not subsided.

The work, which brought back Destructoid , of the Ninjagrime12 modder we are talking about today is actually a collage made by expert hands.

Can Final Fantasy VII Remake be turned into Final Fantasy X ? If we put together so many different mods, and above all we limit ourselves only to the appearance of the characters, absolutely yes.

How do you go about creating this thing above? Let’s go in order.

The first thing you need is a pair of mods , who dress Cloud in Tidus’ clothes and Tifa in Yuna’s clothes . In this way, the couple of protagonists of FFVII Remake becomes that of FFX .

However, Cloud ‘s Buster Sword remains so, and for this you will also need the Brotherhood over the Buster Sword mod , which gives Cloud the iconic weapon of Tidus.

Similar speech for Tifa, who will need to remove her gloves to look like Yuna. No problem, there’s a mod for that too: Invisible Tifa Weapons .

That said, you will have your protagonists ready to catapult into Final Fantasy X , a game for which a sensational plot hole has only been discovered today.


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