A baby’s room, for a Skyrim fan, is truly beautiful

A baby’s room, for a Skyrim fan, is truly beautiful

Skyrim is certainly one of the most important role-playing games ever, given that the Bethesda masterpiece continues to give rise to pretty good creations .

The fifth chapter of The Elder Scrolls (which you can also find on Amazon ) is in fact a hotbed of ideas, demonstrating all the passion of the players towards a timeless product.

Considering that the game has indeed been adapted for optimal operation on the latest generation consoles , this is only relatively surprising.

Now, as reported by Game Rant , a fan has shown how love for Skyrim can literally invade the walls of the house .

On Reddit , a user named Far-Statistician-545 shared a photo of a Skyrim -themed mural he painted for his eldest child’s bedroom .

While this is mostly a landscape painting, there is one particular detail that die-hard fans of the game are sure to notice.

The image used for the mural is none other than the view of the mountains that can be seen at the beginning of the game, with the Tumulus of the Sad Falls over time becoming one of the symbolic locations of Skyrim . A little further down, find the surprising final result.

It is in fact an impressive artistic representation, which once again demonstrates how beautiful the world of Skyrim can be through the eyes of the players ( also hoping that the eldest will appreciate , once he has grown enough).

Mural I painted in our first-borns’ bedroom from skyrim


Still talking about creations of a certain level, another player has in fact well thought of mixing the latest chapter of the Elder Scrolls franchise with the second episode of the Rockstar western saga, Red Dead Redemption 2 .

Furthermore, there are those who have decided to transform the houses of Skyrim in a way never seen before , a mod as strange as it is surprising.

Finally, someone else enjoyed adding Elden Ring ‘s messaging system to Skyrim , adding a touch of healthy soulslike to it all.

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