Saints Row: here’s where to preorder at a discounted price


After years of silence, Volition finally presented the new chapter of the historic Saints Row saga , which represents a real reboot, as it does not continue the storyline started in the previous episodes. The idea of ​​the developers, in fact, was to opt for a return to the origins , making a clean sweep and starting over, with the aim of creating a new Saints Row able to tell a “contemporary” story, whose themes resonate in the new generations of players.


The events in the new Saints Row will take place in Santo Ileso , a place of pure invention inspired by the cities of Southeast America , which is one of the largest and most varied maps ever seen in the series. The protagonists will be four: The Boss, the protagonist entirely customizable by the player through a full-bodied editor, Eli, Neenah and Kevin. Except for Eli, the other three friends each come from one of the clans vying for control of the area; after years spent living the life of the subordinates, they decided to take the big shot, founding a criminal league of their own.

Volition also confirmed the cross-gen compatibility of the title. In a nutshell, those who play on PlayStation 5 will be able to participate in cooperative missions with those who play on PlayStation 4, so that the community is not fragmented.

Saints Row will launch on August 23, 2022 for Sony Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Windows PC and Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. Our advice, in case you are interested in the product, is to book it now, so as to have it comfortably at home for Day One.

In the case of Amazon, moreover, you can take advantage of the guarantee that provides for the payment of the lowest price reached by the product between now and its debut on the market. We also remind you that every day we report the best offers on the net, which you can find in our dedicated area of ​​the site .

Saints Row will be released in two different editions, targeting different types of players.

Standard Edition
Saints Row
Obviously, the standard edition of the game cannot be missing, which, as usual, offers the possibility of immediately throwing yourself headlong into the action by spending the lowest possible price. If you are only interested in the raw game, we recommend that you grab the standard edition.

Notorius Edition
Saints Row – Notorius Edition
Compared to the Standard Edition, the Notorius Edition also includes the Expansion Pass and items that show in depth the gang of Saints and the criminal world of Santo Ileso.


Amazon | from € 69.99
eBay | from € 49.80
Unieuro | from € 69.99
Instant Gaming – PC | € 37.49
Saints Row – PC | € 32.39

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