15 beautiful love stories from the world of games

15 beautiful love stories from the world of games


What keeps us awake until the morning, and this is not the release of PlayStation or PC exclusives? Love! Eternal and pure feeling. It’s great that the game dramaturgy regularly refers to love themes. Monsters, assassins, stealing cars and saving planets – it’s all great. But where without l’amour in games.

Today we will remember what passions were in full swing over the past couple of years at the behest of game scriptwriters. In this collection, we will talk about more or less new projects, because the story of Max Payne and Mona Sax has already been heard by everyone.

15. Weird West. When the demons of the past awaken from love
The hit immersive sim Weird West has a true love story, though many players haven’t noticed. Bounty hunter Jane buried her past in the literal sense of the word – a revolver with an affectionate nickname Bruise is buried in the backyard behind the barn. Family life brought peace and joy, and everything was fine until a gang of thugs came to the ranch. Bandits killed Jane’s son and kidnapped her husband Alonso.

Jane did not hesitate to return to her old way of life, risky and bloody. And all for the sake of the beloved man. But the candy-bouquet period has long passed for them, the spouses have been married for many years. Some would say it’s a habit. We say: love.

14. Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Political correctness, fantasy, orcs
There is so much content in this RPG that it would be enough for three games of a smaller caliber. It’s no surprise that the Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous script has found room for the controversial demands of our times. When the team of the protagonist fought with the cultists for the capital city, in one of the dungeons we met not quite ordinary lovers. A female guardian from the race of people was reunited on the battlefield with her half – a woman from a tribe of half-orcs. The couple, it turns out, is legally married; yes, the laws of the fairy kingdom are somewhat different from the laws of the Russian Federation. The scriptwriters fired political correctness at the player from all trunks at once, here you have both same-sex love and interspecies love.

But remember: love is an unpredictable feeling, and Cupid hits with his arrows wherever he hits. That doesn’t stop love from being love. The main thing is that a couple from the game are good people. And half-orcs are good too.
Our review of the game is at the link .

13. Boyfriend Dungeon. From the dungeon to a date
What happens when you combine a dating sim and an action role-playing game? You get Boyfriend Dungeon , a lively indie with an immortal theme. We play as a young man who arrives in an (almost) paradise resort town and arranges his personal life in a somewhat unusual way. Our hero fights with local monsters with melee weapons in his hands. And after a fight, all these daggers, stilettos and sabers turn into quite lively and warm people. Here we are twisting novels with them, actively inviting them on dates.

2. Total War Saga: Troy. All for Elena
Now let’s turn to the ancient “Iliad” (Ἰλιάς) of Homer as a story of all-consuming love. You can join it if you launch the global strategy Total War Saga: Troy .

Moreover, the love story of Prince Paris and the fugitive Elena does not just go in the background to the war. We can fit into the sandals of Paris and prove our worth to Father Priam.
While the old Menelaus is biting his elbows, blowing his wife, Elena the Beautiful is actively involved in the defense of Troy. She inspires the townspeople and strengthens the warriors. Lovers should always be kept together, then Paris and Helen bring bonuses to the entire faction. Well, if the enemies capture Elena as a prisoner, then you have to rescue her without delay. Otherwise, Tsarevich Paris will get bored and give up on war.

Our impressions are more detailed here .

11. Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath. Husband and wife, one of Satan
Addition to the eleventh numbered part of the legendary fighting game is completely entangled in the storylines. Keeping track of all these alliances, clones and evil versions of good heroes is physically hard. One thing in the world of Mortal Kombat remains unchanged: everyone lies, as Dr. House used to say, and everyone betrays everyone.

The brighter against this background looks like a married couple of inveterate villains, Sindel and Shao Kahn. No matter how many mischief the sorceress has done with the emperor of the Outer World, they remain true to their love. So, when it comes to rescuing Shao Kahn from the dungeon at great risk, Sindel doesn’t hesitate for a second. Such are the strong feelings in the world of cruelty and endless bloody Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath tournament .

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. You are deeply in love, padawan
More recently, the Traveller’s Tales team reminded us of one of the most tragic novels in science fiction cinema. In LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga , we were shown (and even allowed to participate) in the love passions that gripped Anakin and Princess Padmé. The passionate romance did not last long, Anakin turned to the dark side of the force, to soon become a husky maniac in a mask. But from this connection, Luke and Leia were born.

Many Galaxy Distant fans are still arguing whether Anakin’s love for the princess pushed him to the point of no return. Or, on the contrary, delayed the appearance of Darth Vader. Be that as it may, the young Jedi and the princess managed to catch their moment of happiness. And do not be embarrassed that lovers are played by plastic figures; they do it better than many actors from the series on weekdays.

9. Chernobylite. I hear you
Unlike the famous series about stalkers, Chernobylite has a love liner. The main character, physicist Igor Himinyuk, lost his beloved 30 years ago. The reason for this was the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. It would seem that it is time to forget Tatyana and move on. But time turned out to be powerless against feelings.

When Tatyana began to appear to Igor in dreams, the scientist quickly realized that it was time to go to the closed Zone to mutants and anomalies – to look for his beloved. And Tatyana’s voice in her head is not a glitch at all. This is a powerful motivator.

And here we compare Chernobylite with STALKER

8. Final Fantasy 7 Remake. How to get a bodyguard for free
The remake of the jRPG classic featured the iconic character pair’s ornate relationship. Iris and Cloud met on the dark streets of the metropolis and soon fought together against the system.

No, Final Fantasy 7 Remake doesn’t have the kind of overt romance that Tidus and Yuna had in Final Fantasy 10. Iris and Cloud’s relationship is one of cautious, drawn-out flirting. But the sparks between the heroes shoot in all directions with terrible force. In the remake, between the warrior and the sorceress, there is a little more frankness, while in the original it was all about touching dialogue. Although lovers of “strawberries” have nothing to do here anyway.


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